Mountainview Horse Rescue & Sanctuary

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Mountainview Horse Rescue's Mission:  A non-profit horse rescue and sanctuary dedicated to preventing the inhumane slaughter and/or transport of horses worldwide; passionate about doing what we can to save abused, neglected, and unwanted horses; eager to educate the public about the horrors that take place in the often-too-short lives of horses. 

Please help US to help THEM...



Mountainview Horse Rescue & Sanctuary is in need of experienced volunteers for the care of horses and maintenance of the facilities, which can include:  feeding, grooming, giving treats and love, fence mending, building, and other tasks.  Please visit the "Contact Us" page to fill out a volunteer form.  Please only contact us to volunteer if you have experience and are willing to donate your time.

As we grow, we will have opportunities in the future for volunteers to come and learn the ropes while helping us care for the horses.  However, at this time, we need experienced volunteers as we are actually completely full with rescues.

While you are here, please read the "About Us" page to better understand what drives us to rescue and protect these beautiful animals.  

Click  through the photos under the tab "Our Horses" - here you will find pictures and each horse's (often tragic) story.  We update them as frequently as possible.  We will also have a section on this page for our featured horse.  Sometimes our featured horse will be a miracle story, such as Tom Reilly (pictured above - before and after); sometimes it will be a Happy Home story.  

Please take some time to review all the information on our site and bookmark it, so you can come back time and again to see what's new!

We survive on donations alone.....please give what you can to help us continue our fight!!!